Strada Communications Terms of Service Agreement:

Services provided by Strada Communications are governed by the “Strada Communications Terms of
Service Agreement”. By signing and accepting this agreement, I/We acknowledge that I/We have
read, understood, and agreed to the conditions and terms therein. I/We understand that violation of
the “Strada Communications Terms of Service Agreement” may be grounds to terminate my/our
connection and services.

Payment Terms of Service Agreement:
I/We authorize Strada Communications to debit my/our Credit Card or Bank Account during the
billing period the 1st day of every month for Internet charges and any other agreed-upon services.
The amount is to be debited from a self-nominated Credit Card or Bank Account. If I/We fail to fulfill
our obligations as defined in this contract, I/We agree to pay Strada Communications the reasonable
collection and legal fees on charges owing, without regard to further legal action taken by Strada
Communications to recover other or related consequential damages suffered as a result of My/Our

Length of Terms and Service Agreement:
This Terms and Service Agreement is valid and in effect from the day of the signing of this
agreement. This agreement will renew automatically thereafter on a monthly basis.

Termination of Terms of Service Agreement:
I/We understand that I/We and Strada Communications reserves the right to terminate this Term of
Service Agreement at any time. If I/We or Strada Communications chooses to terminate this
agreement, I/We agree to pay a fee for any outstanding balance and/or charges incurred. A
minimum one-month prior written notice must be given by the terminating party before the
termination can come into effect.

General responsibility of Terms of Service:
I/We understand that I/We must abide by the following responsibilities of service and approve to:
– Follow Strada Communications’s reasonable directions about the use of our services.
– Use our services for lawful purposes and without causing annoyance to anyone.
– Make sure all information that is given to Strada Communications is correct and complete.
– Notify Strada Communications immediately of any change to address, email address, landline or
mobile phone, or any other relevant contact details.
– Never interfere with the reasonable use of our service in a way that would willfully impact another
customer or a third party.

– Use the Strada Communications service/services to gain unauthorized access to another
customer(s) or third party(s) communication, network equipment, database(s), and profile(s).
– not use the services, or content, or anything else provided by us or available on our websites, in any
way that implies an endorsement, sponsorship, or association by us with any product, service,
person, or entity.
– make sure anyone else who uses the Strada Communications service(s) provided to you, or does
anything relating to them, also meets your responsibilities under this Agreement.
– Take steps to prevent unauthorized use of your services (for example, depending on the services,
by using passwords, PIN numbers, toll barring options, and/or other security measures to control
who gains access to and uses your service). You will not be responsible and liable for any
unauthorized use of the services if such use is a result of our breach of contract or negligence.
– immediately report any misuse of the Services or disclosure of your account information to an
unwanted party.

Security Liability Terms of Service:
Strada Communications is not responsible for what you or your employees or family may
encounter/do on the internet. By signing this agreement, I/We do hereby release Strada
Communications of all claims, liabilities, losses, and indirect damage and all subsequent use of all
service or equipment approved by Strada Communications including damage to hardware, software,
files or data loss.

Liability Release Term of Service:
I/We do hereby request that Strada Communications install and maintain any and all equipment
required in order to receive services from Strada Communications . In allowing Strada
Communications or its commissioned technicians/contractors to enter my/our premises, and by the
signing of this form, I/We do hereby release Strada Communications of the following: Any claims,
liabilities, losses, and damages arising directly or indirectly after the completed installation activities
of Strada Communications , and all subsequent use of any and all services or equipment provided by
Example ISP including damage of My/Our hardware, software files, or data.

Other Exclusions and inclusions to the Terms of Service:
This agreement is subject to the requested service being available and based on a standard
– Service availability is governed by external third parties (national network infrastructure, upstream
provider…etc.), as such Strada Communications may not be able to provide the requested service as
a standard installation.

– In the result of a none standard installation additional charges such as feasibility study, design-
build, and implementation costs would incur on top of the agreed-upon standard installation

– Strada Communications ‘ responsibility to the signee of the contract will be to advise of any
additional charges beyond the standard installation monthly ongoing service rental.
– Failing the acceptance/ willingness to pursue the agreed charge changes for the non-standard
installation either party may terminate this agreement at any time during the initial setup period.
– If no additional charges are to be incurred, this agreement stands in its entirety.
– It is not Strada Communications ‘ responsibility to cancel any existing services with another
provider that you have had services with. Strada Communications cannot / will not cancel any prior
agreement you have/had with another provider for services. This remains the responsibility of the
signee of the agreement to cancel any unwanted services with another provider.

Authorization and Acceptance of Strada Communications Terms of Service Agreement:
I/We acknowledge that I/We have read and understood all the conditions provisioned in the “Strada
Communications Terms of Service Agreement”. I/We warrant that all persons whose signatures are
required to sign have signed this application.

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