Suspension or Cancellation of Services Policy

You may cancel or temporarily suspend your internet service with Strada Communications at any time.
You are responsible for all fees up until your requested date and must return any leased equipment
within 10 days of your last date of service.

Suspension of service does not require the return of equipment. Suspension or cancellation of services cannot be applied retroactively.

To Cancel Service:
• Have the account owner call the Strada Office at 309-496-3737
• Call before the next billing cycle and we will adjust your final bill; refunds will not be issued if
notice is given within the same billing cycle
• Provide the final date of your service & make arrangements to drop off equipment
• Return your rented equipment to the Strada Office during business hours within 10 days of
• A Strada Team member will provide you with a copy of your terminated service agreement and
documentation that your drop off was completed

If the equipment is not returned within 10 business days, you will be charged for the cost of that
equipment. A Strada team member can help you determine which equipment you have if you are

• 844 Modem/Router Combination: $350
• 716 Modem: $250
• 804 Mesh Router: $150

Please note! If you are moving and know the next tenant of the property, we can make the transfer of
services and equipment ahead of time to avoid any gaps in service.

To Suspend Service:
• Have the account owner call the Strada Office at 309-496-3737
• Provide the beginning & end date of the suspension of service: minimum 30 days
• Your service connection will be turned off during this time, so please note any items in your
home that use internet service will not be connected (smart devices such as thermostats,
security cameras etc.)
• You will not be billed during suspension, and will resume on the date you request
• If the dates change, please call the Strada Office to update at 309-496-3737

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